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Reader's opinions
  1. Douglas Stroud   On   November 21, 2018 at 12:17 pm

    I wrote this about the three years before the passing of my wife. So you can see I want be getting anything for Christmas.


    Well it’s this of year again
    With My Christmas List where do I begin

    At my age there are clothes, technical things and stuff
    Do i of this ever get enough

    I look deep within myself
    Do I really want more things to put on a shelf

    I look within once more
    To see what was really at my hearts door

    What was there can’t be found in a store nor money buy
    They only brought tears to this old mans eye

    What is to come is but a small list
    Others i hold tight in my clenched fist

    Twelve more months of my wife by my side
    A warm dry house for us to reside

    Good ears to hear her voice and laughter
    A sound mind that i may remember her here after

    Two eyes to see her lovely face
    Two arms to hold her in a loving embrace

    Our daughters to be keepers of their home
    Love their husbands, train their children from God not to roam

    All of my Grandchildren to have Christ as personal Savior
    To the Christian life to hold fast and never waver

    My sons-in-law to love my daughters as i love their mother
    For sake all others and lust for no other

    To see my brothers and sister one last time
    Look upon each face and see Gods design

    Also to have income to help each one
    As hard times will surely come

    You see none of these in a store you would find
    My Christmas List can only be filled by Gods Hand Divine

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