Picayune Area-Wide Phone Book

THE-PIC-ARE-WIDE-2013The Picayune Area-Wide Phonebook affords advertisers and users the incomparable accountability of a local publisher, a community leader and employer who lives in the same region you do. Simply put, this is a level of accountability, personal service and customer care that other national phonebook publishers can’t provide.

The Picayune Area-Wide Phonebook is widely recognized as the reference yellow-page directory for the Highland Lakes. It is distributed virtually everywhere to locals and visitors. Its colorful glossy cover and smaller dimensions are some of the book’s many competitive features that make it so easy to handle and keep at home, in a hotel room, a restaurant or in a vehicle.

Any business owner or advertiser can stop by, walk into our building and, YES, talk face-to-face with your account representative any time you need. Victory Media is therefore the ideal one-stop advertising agency for your marketing needs, offering phone book listings and ads, as well as advertising opportunities online, in print and on the air with both radio and digital TV.

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