101 Fun things to do in the Highland Lakes

image013101 Fun Things To Do in the Highland Lakes


This full-color glossy magazine lists the area’s seasonal attractions and services.  More than 100,000 magazines are printed and delivered throughout the year. Publication is divided into two seasonal issues: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Pick up 101 Fun Things To Do magazine at hundreds of drop points throughout the area.

Let us help you plan your next vacation

If you’re looking for an adventure, 101 Fun Things is the right publication for you. Whether you’re interested in the great outdoors or looking for relaxing and fun activities, you will find it in the Highland Lakes.

*If you need a place to stay and can’t decide between a hotel, a bed-and-breakfast, a recreational vehicle park or camping, take a look at our overnight guide.

Plan your schedule of festivals — whether its wildflower celebrations in the spring or holiday light shows in December —with our events guide. There’s a lot in those listings, so you might have a little trouble deciding. Check out our map in the center to help determine the route to take in the most music, eating and competing you can.

Outdoor lovers will find just as much excitement as those who prefer to sit back and contemplate the joys of nature. From bicycling to hiking and rock climbing to fishing and boating, the where, the how and the when are detailed in 101 Fun Things to do.

Find the best places to golf, bowl, shop, eat, sleep, dance, get married or honeymoon.

Put together a vacation plan for the kids that has them on a farm picking berries, under the stars viewing Saturn or in a swimming hole splashing around. Fish with them, boat with them, play some mini-golf. You can even tie them to a rope and send them through the trees on a zip line!

Learn the history of the area, which dates to the days of the dinosaurs. Visit the first church built here. If you go on a Sunday, you can worship with the current congregation.

Pick a park — state or national — with our park guide and features.

Go spelunking or take a leisurely stroll in a cave.

Go on a wine-tasting tour in a grape-growing region that rivals the Napa Valley.

Learn to trace your family roots, catch a play, get caught in an Old West gun battle or hit the water in any number of rentable watercraft.

See animals from around the world and marvel at the local wildlife.

Ride a horse, fly a plane, perfect your quilting or your target shooting.

Take a stroll through town or catch a sand drag race. Bring your bike, your 4-wheel-drive vehicle, your motorcycle or your running shoes. There’s a track or trail just for you.

Yes, all that and more can be found in the Highland Lakes and 101 Fun Things to do in the Highland Lakes is an essential tool for finding out just where to go and what to do.

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