Mac McClennahan

Radio Personality - Morning Show Host

KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune morning show host Mac McClennahan has been in radio since he graduated from college, moving from rock to country to christian radio and now back to country and community. He was Production/ Creative Director-Assistant Program Director at KFMK-Spirit 105.9 FM/Crista Ministries-Austin from 2011-2020 when the station sold.

Locally, he spent around three years at KITY-Oldies 201.9 FM in Llano. Over the years, he has been heard on the airwaves in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Kerrville, and Fredericksburg. Along with his DJ duties, McClennahan has voiced thousands of commercials and read audio books for schools, as well as dabbling a bit in TV.

He received an AAS in business from Schreiner College in Kerrville before attending a technical school in radio. He worked in the radio industry for eight years before earning a BA in Communication/Radio/TV from the University of Texas at Arlington.

“Radio is as relevant today as it’s ever been,” McClennahan said. “If you want to know what’s going on in your own community, that’s where you have to turn.”

He is especially excited to turn his talents to KBEY 103.9’s morning show, which airs from 6-10 a.m. because it is the epitome of local, community connections. The show includes local news reports, weather, Ask Wake garden report, and local interviews for just about every event in town. The station promotes the dog of the week from Highland Lakes Canine Rescue and local garage sales. It also holds a day-long live remote food drive n November and a toy drive in December.

“That’s why this is so much fun for me,” McClennahan said. “It’s all about being live, local, and being part of the community.”

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