David Lackey

Radio Personality

Growing up in the Texas Hill Country, Lackey has a knack for all things country. He started working in the music industry in 1998 as a stage hand for Les Hartman, a local artist out of Llano.

From running cables to setting lights and selling T-shirts, he learned it all. After 12 years of dance halls and live music festivals, Lackey met Beierle and soon went to work at Double Eagle Entertainment.

Lackey  lives in Burnet, where he divides his time between his music work, his position as a firefighter for the City of Burnet and a multitude of community projects.

With family at his side, including girlfriend, Sarah, daughter, Becca, and a new little bundle on the way, he says life is just starting to get exciting.

“I can’t wait to see where this roller coaster is gonna loop next,” he says.

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