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2018 OUTLOOK: When Faith Academy of Marble Falls school officials decided to return to six-man football, they saw it as a return to glory. After all, the Flames played for a state championship more than a decade ago, and most insiders believe that if Faith had been a six-man team in 2012 instead of an 11-man squad, it would have won a state title.

So months after announcing the return to six-man football, Faith officials sought out the best six-man coach they could hire. That man is Jeremy Wentrcek, an individual who turned down the job twice when former administrator Mark Earwood was leading the school.

The return to six-man comes at the right time. The junior high team, which stayed six-man, was undefeated a year ago, so most of the underclassmen are familiar with six-man concepts even if they’re learning Wentrcek’s terminology.

Wentrcek said he plans to have junior varsity and varsity teams because the Flames will have 22 players.

The coach described his offense as “multiple,” noting he’ll change it up according to the strength of his team. Wentrcek’s offense involves two crucial backfield roles: one player who lines up in the quarterback position and another as the spread back. They’re on the field at the same time and serve similar roles, but they carry them out in different ways. Under Wentrcek’s plan, the athlete in quarterback position is “a kid who can throw well and has a good awareness of what’s happening on defense.”

The spread back is a multi-threat athlete who can extend plays with his legs and arms and puts his teammates in position to make plays.

To understand the different role each plays, a quick explanation of six-man football is necessary. Under six-man rules, the center snaps the ball to the quarterback, who can only pass it — he can’t run with it.

The quarterback can, however, pitch it to the spread back in Wentrcek’s scheme. The spread back can now either pass the ball or run with it.

The spread back is what might be described as a “dual-threat” athlete.

The defense is a base spread that requires valuing containment.

“Defending one person and containing them in open space,” the coach said.

One key ingredient needed is speed, and Wentrcek said the Flames have plenty.

“We have several guys who have wheels on them,” Wentrcek said. “Some guys look good in a track uniform. That’s encouraging.”

If the Flames can do that, they’ll give up fewer touchdowns. Wentrcek said he’s happy to see the Flames show a desire to master this part of the scheme.

“We’re starting to see them back away and try to work together,” he said. “If you miss, it’s a wide-open field. We want them to learn to use it in the right context.” 

Faith’s district includes Waco Vanguard, a state semifinalist last year, Austin Hill Country, Round Rock Christian Academy, and Concordia Lutheran.

Next Game


All games kick off at 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Aug. 31 vs. San Antonio Castle Hills, 51-33 win

Sept. 7 at Summit Christian, 54-6 loss

Sept. 14 vs. Austin Royals, 26-8 loss

Sept. 21 at Cherokee, 46-40 loss

Sept. 28 at Bracken Christian, 55-0 loss

Oct. 5 OPEN

Oct. 12 vs. Veritas, 46-0 loss

Oct. 19 vs. Round Rock Concordia, 58-20 win

Oct. 26 Waco Vanguard, 72-22 loss

Nov. 2 at Austin Hill Country, 62-28 loss

Nov. 9 at Round Rock Christian, 76-64 win


Nov. 17 at Amarillo San Jacinto Christian, 50-0 loss

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