Send a Hill Country Blenders serenade to your sweetheart

February 4, 2016

Romance was in the air when Hill Country Blenders lead Norman Homburg (left), tenor Jim McCutchan, baritone Herb Sohl and bass Pat Hudson joined us in the studio!

They serenaded us with the details of their annual Singing Valentines. It’s a hugely popular Valentine’s Day gift, and along with the song, the recipient will receive a red rose and a photograph of them with the quartet. All it takes is a $35 donation.

You’ll want to reserve your time quickly. The Blenders will deliver their singing Valentines Feb. 12-14 across the Highland Lakes, and you have until Feb. 10 to schedule your serenade.

Call McCutchan at (325) 388-4446.

For more on the Singing Valentines, go to

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