Keep your head up if you’re walking down this ‘Spooky Place’

October 11, 2013

For today’s “Spooky Place in Texas,” we’re taking a walk through the streets of Seguin — specifically, Milam Street,

a quiet, peaceful byway with beautiful Victorian homes lining part of it. Those beautiful homes share the street and, come some nights, a most unusual ghost.

Nobody knows from where he came, this ghostly figure that walks the east side of Milam Street. The street once ended at Riverside Cemetery, Seguin’s oldest cemetery, so we can assume we know where the ghost’s walk starts. But why he walks so purposely to the north, no one knows. No one, in fact, has a clue who he was — or why he has no head.

Many have attempted to find out who this headless specter is, but he remains a mystery. It seems he is buried in Riverside Cemetery, but no one has attached a name to him. So for now, the mystery continues. And if you happen to be walking at night down Milam Street and hear the sound of footsteps behind you, pick up your pace, and, for goodness sakes, don’t lose your head over it!

If you have a “Spooky Place in Texas” you would like Kay to research and talk about on the air, shoot her an email or post it on the KBEY 103.9 FM Facebook page. (And, if it is close enough, she might investigate it as well!)

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