Wake up and dive in with cast, director of ‘Dixie Swim Club’ on Wednesday

September 17, 2013

Happy Hill Country Hump Day from Ed and Kay!

We’re gonna have more fun than a tornado in a trailer park because we’ve got a great group joining us in the studio. The cast and director of “The Dixie Swim Club” will fill us in on the hilarious comedy opening this week at the Hill Country Community Theatre in Cottonwood Shores.

And if that doesn’t make you happier than a punk in a pickle patch, we’ll also have tickets to the production to give away along with Storm’s Bucks, movie passes and weekend passes to the Bulldog Thunder Truck and Tractor Pull.

Plus, we’ll have another visit from Ethel the Lunch Lady and lots more.

It’s gonna keep us busier than a one-legged man in a kickin’ contest! It’s your Hump Day “Wake Up Call” from 6 to 10 on KBEY 103.9 FM!

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