Silent auctions needed for Nature Center fundraiser

August 19, 2013

Erik Peterson is donating one of his beautiful hand turned bowls to the silent auction at the upcoming MahJong tournament on Oct. 15. The Second Annual Mah Jongg Tournament is being held to benefit the Upper Highland Lakes Nature Center.

The tournament will be held at the Hidden Falls Country Club restaurant in Meadowlakes. Reservations are due by October 8.Cost is $45.
Proceeds will help with the completion of an educational environmental center as part of the Upper Highland Lakes Nature Center.

The Upper Highland Lakes Nature Center is at Reveille Peak Ranch, just east of Lake Buchanan off of HWY 29. It helps educate and promote appreciation and conservation of the outdoors and the area’s natural resources. The educational center will house teaching collections and classrooms. Interpretive trails will wind through parts of the 1,300-square-foot ranch. The center is open to all ages.

Check out the website and don’t forget to save the dates: October 8, when tournament reservations are due, and October 15, the day of the tournament. If you have any questions, you can email Carol at

By the way, if you don’t know what mahjong is, you can learn how to play with any number of websites. Just type mahjong into your favorite search engine. Basically, it’s a game played with four players and 144 tiles that originated in China. It’s similar to the card game Rummy where you mix and match pairs, laying down a matched set of 14 tiles to win. Or something like that! It’s a lot of fun and a creative way to raise money for a good cause.

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