It’s a busy Thursday on the Wake Up Call!

August 8, 2013

We’ll be talking with RJ DeSilva from the Texas Comptroller’s office about the upcoming Sales Tax Holiday — just in time for back to school shopping!

Plus, we’ll try again to visit with T. Graham Brown who is performing at this Saturday’s Llano Country Opry…that is, if his wife doesn’t leave the house with his cellphone, again!


You’ll want to hear this! Before you try to sell something on Craig’s list, you’ll want to hear what Ed has to say about the latest internet scam.

We’ve also got more Llano Opry tickets to give away to our KBEY Country Quiz winner. We’ll be giving away Storm’s bucks, too.

Don’t miss the really cool surprise we’ll have for our Movie Line winner this morning!  AND we’ll give away one of the last 4-packs of Schlitterbahn tickets, too!

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